I am so happy you have found this website. It has been created with loving, an intention to inspire and open the heart through nurturing empowerment.

Here you will find inspired writings and meditations, and learn more about services, events and products that will open your heart and enhance your life’s perspective.

Life is not limited to our day-to-day routine, to relationships and events that occur. It encompasses so much more. The universe, the planet we live on, the other energies that exist, our past, present and future.

All of these and more make up the eternal existence we call life.

I have learned – through my own experiences and from loving inner reflection – that honor for one another and respect for each others’ way through life is ultimately the best way to achieve balance and real wholeness.

When I use the word wholeness, it means living life without depending on anyone or anything outside our own self to feel fulfilled and balanced. Learning from and with others, be it people in our lives or higher wisdom, enhances our wholeness in an empowered way rather than dependency.

When we become consciously aware of and responsible for our actions, thoughts and words we allow our own natural and uniquely exquisite selves to shine through.

What I offer are ways toward understanding yourself in a self-caring and nonjudgmental way. Self judgment is the number one stumbling block when it comes to understanding and learning how to make positive changes and live a joyful life.

Being kind to our selves and accepting that we are human and do the best we can with where we are at every particular point in our lives, immediately shifts our thoughts and makes us feel lovingly lifted!

Kindness flows from the heart, and when the heart is involved, even towards our own selves, positivity follows. Feelings of compassion, understanding, patience and being open to loving ourselves unconditionally; will yield tremendous results and rewards.

The tools and techniques offered are ones I have discovered through years of reflection, learning and experience and can be attained by anyone with a true desire to make this life the best it can be. With each discovery, we naturally deepen our connection with the inner sense system and the miraculous array of loving sources available to inspire you.

Everything I share and offer comes from my heart with the pure intention of assisting and guiding to the very best of my abilities.

Let each step you take be like a new beginning. It can be. There are no limits as to what we can achieve in our own lives. Take each lovingly empowered step and know it will always lead to another. And that will lead to a brighter tomorrow.

With gratitude and in love,

Joanne xxoo